Four Types of Dog Treats and How You Can Use Them

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Watching your pooch’s ears perk up or tail wag incessantly upon hearing the word “treat” is a sight to behold! But as wonderful as it is for you, it can also have many benefits for your pet. The key is choosing the right dog treats and deciphering when and how to use them. First things first; it is imperative to check ingredient labels to make sure you are picking healthy dog treats and steering clear of those that may contain unwanted ingredients that are likely to cause an adverse reaction or allergy to your pet. Once ingredients are looked into, you can refer to the following guide to choose different types of dog or puppy treats...

Soft training treats

Dog treats make for a great reward while training your pooch.  This reward process works because once your dog realises that certain behaviours lead to a delicious treat, it is more likely to repeat it. Training treats should be soft and easy to chew. This ensures that your furry friend spends as little time chewing so as not to lose concentration.

Tip: To avoid bribery, keep the dog treats hidden and show them to your dog only after it has successfully responded to a command. 

Long-lasting comfort treats

Whether it is keeping your dog occupied while you’re away or simply alleviating boredom, a long-lasting treat always comes in handy. However, a dog bone may not be the best option as it can do more harm than good. Splinters from dog bones can cause choking or even damage to the mouth, throat and intestines. Instead, you can pick a treat like the Pedigree Jumbone that is made with chicken and rice and cleverly combines a hard chewy outer covering with a meaty centre, so your pooch can really get its teeth into it.

Aromatic treats for mental stimulation

You can also use dog treats to play interactive games with your pooch. You can place soft, aromatic treats into a treat ball or puzzle toy and have him sniff it out. This not only provides entertainment but also keeps your dog’s mind engaged. If you do not own puzzles or a treat ball, you can use your hands or a few cups to make your furry friend guess where you have hidden his treat.

Chewy treats for dental care

Dogs are highly prone to periodontal disease aka gum disease. This occurs due to plaque and tartar build-up over time. One way to control this build-up is with dog chew sticks or chewy treats that are formulated for this purpose. Pedigree Dentastix is an X-shaped dog treat that is specially designed to clean teeth that are hard to reach, reduce tartar build-up and support gum health. 

Using a variety of treats for different purposes can benefit your furry baby in so many ways, however, overfeeding can be a real threat. Dogs need to get their nutrition from meals, therefore it is imperative that you keep a check on your treating habits and ensure you are not treating your pooch excessively

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